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The Age of Many Voices

Consider the facts: Your students, your staff, your alumni, your clients, your competitors, your donors, your advocates and your detractors are all socially engaged. They all have voices. Some have created a “personal brand.” Others are speaking with association to a company’s or school’s brand. This rise of the unofficial spokesperson has significant potential repercussions. … Continue Reading »

Growing Only Because Everyone Actively Re-posts Schmaltz!

GO BEARS! As the Digital Head for the university, I was informed the other day (no tweet, no poke, regular old email) that UC Berkeley has been granted automatic registration to a new social network. One that is solely focused on people with IQ scores of 180 and above. Wow, really? So now they expect … Continue Reading »

The Third Wave of the Web Will Be Uniquely Personal

A prescient post by Louis Gray, a noted social media expert who will speak at the Berkeley Communications Conference this Thursday.  Now that the world’s information is posted, linked, indexed and searchable, and friends are connecting, sharing, liking, and following, the quest is on to streamline the noise and give the Web another dimension – … Continue Reading »

Berkeley Confidential: “I love the B word!”

It’s true! I gravitate to brands that understand my needs and meet them, time after time. I am an evangelist and student of others’ great work. So, when I arrived here four years ago, I blabbed about a number of brands I admired and wanted to use as illustrations of how good work happens. It … Continue Reading »