8:00 am | Registration, Refreshments, and Networking

8:30 am | Welcome

  • Ram Kapoor, Chief Marketing Office, Communications and Public Affairs
    Sarah Eslyn, Bill Pearce, Ann Wiens, BC2 Co-Chairs

8:45 a.m. | Opening remarks

  • Diana Harvey, Associate Vice Chancellor for Communications and Public Affairs

9:00 a.m. | Keynote: The Camera is the New Keyboard

  • Brian Monahan, Chief Evangelist, NewCo Festivals
    How to weave marketing messages in a visual discovery pathway without words.

9:50 a.m. | Break

10:00 am | Sessions

  • Session A
    • Let Students Tell Their Own Stories
      Dimitri Moore, Producer and Filmmaker, Digital Promise Global
      We know that students listen to other students, and that peer-to-peer communications have an authenticity that’s difficult for communications staff to replicate. It can be awkward handing a camera to a student and asking them to tell their own story. But it can also be authentic, impactful, and powerful. In this session you will experience examples of student-produced immersive media and learn some tactics to move beyond the initial awkward moments and even use them to your advantage.
  • Session B
    • Panel: Evolution of the Email Anatomy
      Rita Rosenthal, Communications & Outreach Manager, Office of the Chief Information Officer
      Jen Bellenger, Change and Engagement Lead — bConnected, IST
      Chris Doane, Security Analyst, Information Security and Policy
      Lucy Greco, Accessibility Evangelist, Web Access, IST-API
      Bernie Rossi, Operations Manager, bConnected, IST-API
      Matthew Skinner, Change Management and Communications Specialist, Strategic
      Cross-Divisional Initiatives

      Learn the best practices for sending successful email campaigns on campus and help shape an email reference guide we are building for the brand website.

10:50 am | Break

11:00 am | Sessions

  • Session A
    • Nan Keeton, Deputy Museum Director for External Relations, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
  • Session B
    • Panel: SEO lens for stories

11:50 a.m. | Lunch and Ask Me Anything (AMA) Round Tables

  • AMA round tables is the opportunity for attendees to ask questions and share insight with colleagues around a topic. Each table will have 1-2 hosts who are subject matter experts. This is a casual networking and knowledge sharing session, no formal agenda. You can move around to tables and meet new colleagues from around campus. AMA round table subjects will include social media, crisis communication, pitching to the media, podcasting and more!

1:00 pm | Sessions

  • Session A
    • Panel Discussion: Communicating Inclusivity
      Billy Curtis, Director, Gender Equity Resource Center, UC Berkeley
      Ruth Gebreyesus, Freelance Writer and Producer
      Sandra Messick, Communications Director, Division of Equity and Inclusion, UC Berkeley

      Words matter. The language we choose, the examples and expressions we use, the tone and style of our communications and the stories we choose to tell—all of these provide opportunities to convey inclusion to our audiences. As writers and editors, what actions can we take to ensure our communications are respectful, relevant, and inclusive of our diverse audiences? Our panel of experts will discuss ways to recognize aspects of our communications that may (even if inadvertently) exclude, marginalize, disenfranchise, or distance the audiences we are hoping to reach—and steps we can take to overcome our own biases and model inclusivity in our work.
  • Session B
    • Marketing With Data: Hearts, Charts and Shopping Carts
      Louis Gray, Analytics Advocate, Google

      World class marketers rely on a combination of data and emotion. Determining what data to measure and how to share that data, and optimize through the customer pipeline is critical. Capture the insights you want with the data your business needs.

1:50 pm | Break

2:00 pm | Sessions

  • Session A
    • Philanthropy Outreach: What are the Keys to Donor Communication
      Maria Olsen, Senior Vice President, American Heart Association

      Crafting communications that make people WANT to participate is part logic and part
      emotion. In this talk, we will look at the keys to making your outreach efforts work harder for you.
  • Session B
    • Panel: Productivity Tools and Your Team
      Kathryn Bader, Director of Social Media, Public Affairs
      AJ Fox, Media Relations Manager, BAMPFA
      Keith McAleer, Communications Director, Industrial Engineering & Operations
      Stephanie Smith, Marketing Communications Manager, BAMPFA

      Learn how you can incorporate productivity tools like Buffer, Google Data Studio, Slack and Trello to make your team’s work more efficient and effective.

2:50 pm | Break

3:00 pm | Keynote

3:50 pm | Brand Awards Presentation and Closing Remarks

4:10 pm | Reception and networking