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Another year, another successful BC2!

The 7th annual Berkeley Communicators Conference proved to be a jam packed day of talks, panels, knowledge sharing and networking. Campus communicators from all backgrounds came together at International House to learn about subjects ranging from branding and inclusive language to email marketing and productivity tools. Make sure to check out the marketing work from … Continue Reading »

New theme, new co-chairs, good old BC2

Mark your calendars for the annual Berkeley Communications Conference (BC2) on Wednesday, June 6, 2018 (full day) at International House. This year’s conference theme is Evolve. Evolve: To develop gradually, especially from a simple to a more complex form. Does that sound like what has happened in your work as a communicator? Marketing and communications … Continue Reading »

Ready to flex your brand muscle?

If you don’t exercise it, you lose it. This month, we are taking the next step in helping communicators across campus exercise their brand muscle. We are conducting our first ever full-day brand workshop. Unlike other workshops in the past, this one has been developed into a daylong course with alternate sessions of theory and … Continue Reading »

I feel blessed!

  It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it. As part of the brand patrol (it’s like the neighborhood patrol, only we’re color coordinated!), my beat is to cover neighboring cafés where campus groups put up posters and flyers (no, really). On my visits, I usually come across at least one or two … Continue Reading »

Addicted to Pandora? Could it be LSD?

Note for those who have been living on Mars the past few years: Pandora is an online streaming radio that creates channels based on the groups or songs you like. It is extremely addictive. Pandora has us all figured out. What we like, what we once liked, what we will never ever like, even if … Continue Reading »

Confessions of a shopaholic!

I wasn’t always like this. I was a prudent spender—“Ha!” says my wife, peering over my shoulder—until the day I was seduced (now she’s holding her breath) by a new iPhone app. The irony? The app is an expense tracker… but its interface is so drop-dead gorgeous (luckily my wife has returned to her book) … Continue Reading »

A Brand New Day At Berkeley

A year ago, we began to talk about creating a communications platform for UC Berkeley that would be all encompassing, authentic, relevant, forward thinking, and inspirational. We talked with hundreds of people across the campus to get their thougths and ideas.  Slightly overwhelmed but with a firm resolve, we preserved and steadily worked to find … Continue Reading »

Growing Only Because Everyone Actively Re-posts Schmaltz!

GO BEARS! As the Digital Head for the university, I was informed the other day (no tweet, no poke, regular old email) that UC Berkeley has been granted automatic registration to a new social network. One that is solely focused on people with IQ scores of 180 and above. Wow, really? So now they expect … Continue Reading »