Resources 2012


BC2 Presentations
Joan Blades: From the Globe to the Living Room
George Gallate: The World Has Changed
Lindsay Gottlieb: Cal Women’s Basketball Social Media
Louis Gray: Promote, Defend, Engage
Claire Holmes: UC Berkeley Brand Stewardship
Judy Hopelain & Claire Holmes: Branding 101
Mary Keegan: Communication Through Culture: Thanks to Berkeley
Rich Kurovsky: Leveraging Culture, Building Brand at Berkeley-Haas
Kim Jarboe LaPean: Campaigns on a Shoestring
Kathleen Lu & Steve McConnell: Web Development (CMS)
Jon Schainker: DIY Video
More presentations to come

BC2 Videos
George Gallate: IBM Case Study 1
George Gallate: IBM Case Study 2
George Gallate: Skating Babies USA
George Gallate: Evian Baby
George Gallate: Dos Equis – MIM
George Gallate: Dos XX Video Case Study
George Gallate: Euro RSCG 4D Agency Profile
Lindsay Gottlieb: California Basketball Team Intro
Lindsay Gottlieb: Who I am…
Lindsay Gottlieb: Who I am… Mikayla Lyles

Mary Keegan: Thanks to Berkeley: Giving Back

BC2 Attendees
Contact List

Berkeley Identity
The Brand Gap: How to Bridge the Distance Between Business Strategy and Design
Impressions of Berkeley
The Role of Brand in the Nonprofit Sector

Communications Toolkit
Communications Audit Survey Worksheet
Communications/Engagement Planning Cheat Sheet
Communications Plan Template
Marketing and Communications Resources for Advancement and Development
Milestone Proposal Review/Communications Steps
Planning for Effective Communication Template
Standard Communications Checklist
Standard Communications Steps

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