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The Third Wave of the Web Will Be Uniquely Personal

A prescient post by Louis Gray, a noted social media expert who will speak at the Berkeley Communications Conference this Thursday. 

Social media illustrationNow that the world’s information is posted, linked, indexed and searchable, and friends are connecting, sharing, liking, and following, the quest is on to streamline the noise and give the Web another dimension – one not measured by the data, or who led you to the data, but you as an individual. The third wave of the Web, I believe, is going to be about personalization by individual based on that individual’s preferences – explicitly stated or otherwise.

The declaration of the next wave of the Web being personal is not shared universally, of course. Some say the next wave is all about mobile. Others may say the next wave is all about location. But the right approach to ‘personal’ absolutely encompasses each of these things. With our smartphones and tablets being increasingly powerful, they are practically an extension of us, and we are relying on them to discover relevant things, content, places and products for us as individuals. Similarly, our location is an ingredient of who we are – for where we are impacts our decisions, and what tips are relevant, be it for news, for restaurants, lodging, dating or anything else. So “personal” as an individual is both local and mobile.


2 thoughts on “The Third Wave of the Web Will Be Uniquely Personal

  1. Louis
    It’s always wonderful when a Berkely alum achieves success in his or her chosen field. We are delighted that you are coming back to campus to share your thoughts. One of the issues we have is prioritizing social media management with limited resources. Hope you can share some tips.

  2. What is your thought on personal privacy? People start sharing more and more through social media. Companies are building extensive databases with personal data. I don’t think that is what people want, besides the facts that they will get personalized apps and advertisements.

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