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Have You Ever Clicked on a Banner Ad?

On most websites you’ll see at least three ads on each page, usually at the top above content, alongside content you’re viewing, and at the bottom of the page. But have you ever clicked on one?

The average click-through-rate for banner ads in 2013 was 0.19%, meaning that only 19 clicks were recorded for every 10,000 times a banner appeared on a page. Based on these paltry figures, one may think digital advertising is a waste of time and money. But consider this: A typical cost-per-thousand impressions is five dollars, so those 10,000 banner views may only cost an advertiser $50.

Now ask yourself: Is it be worth spending $50 to get 19 new visitors to your website to learn more about your department or program? How does this cost compare with the expenses of hosting information sessions, printing information pamphlets, or conducting other marketing tactics you currently utilize?

Digital advertising can help complement your non-paid communications activities to grow your reach and re-engage individuals who have already visited your site.

In the BC2 Breakout Session, Greater Reach Through Online Advertising, we’ll examine several types of online advertising that are straightforward to execute and manage, produce measurable results, and can be easily scalable depending on your budget. We’ll focus on paid search, banner advertising, and video promotion, discuss how to get started, and consider how paid advertising can help you ensure your messages are being seen by the audiences you want to reach.

If you’re planning to attend and have specific questions or topics you would like me to address, please leave a comment in response to this post. I’m looking forward to meeting some of you at BC2 in a couple weeks!

By Matt Skinner, Marketing Manager, Demand Generation & eCommerce 

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