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Mark your calendars

Mark your calendars for BC2 2015

We were admittedly nervous when we first got together to start brainstorming for the Berkeley Communications Conference (BC2). Our boss has the word “chancellor” in her title — high 5s to AVC Claire Holmes! — and our predecessors of the last three years did an amazing job of creating fun, informative conferences for campus communicators from scratch. Can we build on that success?

We’re psyched to try! BC2 2015 is set for Tuesday, June 9, 2015, at the Clark Kerr Conference Center — and our ideas for speakers, workshops, and networking activities are flowing. We’re mulling over ways to make BC2 2015 an informal, active, hands-on learning space that will give us the opportunity to connect, showcase our own best work, and share tips and tools for making our jobs easier.

But we need your help. To help us ensure that the conference serves your needs and interests, please take two minutes to answer four easy questions by Dec. 31, 2014. You can also stay in touch with us in these ways:

  1. Join or post to the Berkeley Communicators Facebook group.
  2. Visit this website for conference updates.
  3. Use the hashtag #sharebc2 in your social media posts. Here’s a starter question: What tidbit did you pick up last year that you’re now using in your job?
  4. The old-fashioned way — by phone or email, listed below.

Meanwhile, mark your calendars for June 9, 2015, fill out the Survey, and stay tuned for updates and other fun as the conference nears.

All our best,

Alex Coughlin (History/2-0016), Amy Cranch (University Relations/3-0444), and Jennifer Denton (Student Affairs)

BC2 2015 Co-Chairs

Of course we had to take a selfie! #sharebc2

Of course we had to take a selfie! #sharebc2

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